Stendra 200 mg tablets to achieve the perfect sex

Healthy lifestyle and physical condition strongly affect the quality of sexual relations. However, recent research shows that the key factor in excellent sex is medical solutuions such as Stendra 200 mg pills. Both men and women who moan and scream during sex much more often experience mutual satisfaction.

Scientists attribute this data to the idea that noises during sex are a form of communication between two people in bed. The sound of love joys helps them to understand each other’s preferences better. Also, the noise is a signal to the partner that his actions are pleasing. It is known from Stendra reviews that most women prefer to moan before the orgasm of their beloved.

Thus, they want to accelerate the onset of climax, as well as increase male self-esteem. Other experts note that women can excite their own moans, which helps them to have fun in bed 100%. As for men and Stendra cost, they make noises more often during foreplay, which increases their women’s sense of importance, as well as inflames their enthusiasm for oral sex.